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January 10, 2024

Who Is Madan Kandula?

Dr. Madan Kandula is the founder of ADVENT—one of the fastest growing medical practices in the United States. How did he get here?

Who Is Madan Kandula?
Madan Kandula as a child.

The Beginning

Dr. Kandula’s parents were each born into economic challenges in India. Despite these adversities, they both went to medical school. His father came to the United States in 1969, starting over to be certified as a physician through a program in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Kandula’s mother and two sisters followed in 1970, learning the language and culture. His family decided to stay in the U.S. when his mother became pregnant with him.

Being a brown family in a black-and-white world with little diversity, the family faced the challenges of immigrants in America. Their home’s windows were often soaped and shattered with rocks. They stayed through sheer grit and perseverance. Still, Dr. Kandula recalls having a wonderful childhood. He played several sports, learning to be an enforcer in hockey and winning yearly championships with his team.

Dr. Kandula’s nose story began when it broke in first grade. His nose was iced, and he received no other treatment. Years later, when Dr. Kandula was in college he was dancing and smacked his nose on a friend’s shoulder. He could hardly breathe and ended up having surgery the summer of his junior year. The procedure was the old-school way of doing things where they re-broke the nose, repositioned it, and tried to straighten out the septum. Once it healed, Dr. Kandula could get air through his nose again, and even though he sensed it wasn’t quite right, he didn’t have to sleep with his mouth open!

Even though his nose was “fixed,” he remained annoyed by congestion issues through med school, residency, and beyond. In fact, Dr. Kandula believes his choice of specialty was partly influenced by his own ongoing nasal problems. There had to be a better way.

After his two sisters went into medicine, Dr. Kandula grappled with following the family career path and not charting his own course. He majored in Religion, Cultural Anthropology, and Biological Anthropology and Anatomy at Duke University before applying to medical school. Initially rejected, he conquered acceptance at Drexel School of Medicine and went on to complete his residency at The University of Oklahoma.

Madan and Gwen Kandula on their wedding day.

Founder & CEO

While in Oklahoma, Dr. Kandula met his wife, Gwen – an Audiologist. Upon becoming a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist, they moved to Wisconsin. They joined a practice and shortly thereafter decided to open their own. The beginnings were humble with a phone book and going door to door as the best ways to expand their referrals.

They started ADVENT on November 1, 2004. They resolved to redefine the patient experience, leaving behind long wait times, uncertainty, and dismissal, by moving toward innovation, memorable care, and simple in-office solutions. Everything ADVENT does focuses on the patient and their unique needs.

Dr. Kandula’s keen curiosity and relentless pursuit of answers to controversial questions means he does not accept the phrase, “this is the only way.” This lens led him to be the first physician to successfully perform a balloon sinuplasty in office and not the confines of an OR (operating room).  

He has an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to remain vigilant against the status quo. His mission is to change how breathing and sleep issues are treated on a national scale. Dr. Kandula’s passion for helping everyone breathe well means he vows to do the right thing in every aspect of his work.  

When ADVENT began, Dr. Kandula was the only ENT surgeon. He realized teaching the mindset and techniques used initially to other doctors at ADVENT offers a team approach to provide the best options for each patient. ADVENT has become a trusted medical provider for thousands of patients, including those who have careers reliant on nasal breathing capacities, such as NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL players, musicians, and performers.  

Dr. Kandula observing activities at "Camp ADVENT"


ADVENT currently has 20+ clinics in four states: Wisconsin; Illinois; Indiana; and Minnesota. There are plans for continual expansion.

Dr. Kandula does not take the credit. It’s the team that makes everything possible. He is proud to be on the journey together.

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