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Clearing the Airways

Join award-winning, board-certified otolaryngologist, Dr. Madan Kandula, and his guests where they unpack the secrets of your airway and arm you with the tools to conquer breathing challenges.


Each episode, we’ll dive headfirst into enlightening discussions, exploring the latest advancements in airway-breathing solutions, and empowering you with the knowledge to reclaim control over your breathing health. Say hello to a future filled with clearer, healthier airways.

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Episode 1

Best in Class Treatment

On this episode, our hosts discuss what ADVENT does for its patients, what treatment looks like, and their drive to deliver results.

Episode 2


On this episode, our hosts discuss the importance of airway breathing and the conditions that arise when we’re not breathing correctly.

Episode 3

Simple Solutions

On this episode, our hosts discuss the community that plays a critical role in fixing airway-breathing conditions and how patients can become more educated on this topic.

Episode 4

Serving Patients

On this episode, our hosts discuss the genesis of @ADVENTknows and what it means to get results for the patients the organization serves.

Episode 5

Understanding the Airway

On this episode, our hosts focus on your nose and the common issues that people face if their breathing is compromised due to the nose. They also discuss the limitations that your pharmacy has if your airway problems are caused by anatomy issues.

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